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“My favorite movie is What’s Up Doc (1972, Barbra Stesiand & Ryan o’Neal), I drink what can only be defined as a copious amount of green tea on the daily, and I love my two cats, Chandler and Samson, more than anything else in the entire world. My best day off involves going to La Gourmandine for French pastries and visiting Phipps Conservatory for some relaxing plant and nature time in the city. I love living in Pittsburgh and the incredible creative community it fosters!”

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A little more....

When I started as a photographer, I had a lot of trouble answering why. Usually, I’d tell the tale of how my grandfather collected every film and digital camera as they came out throughout his life, and how going through his old photographs gave me inspiration and made me feel connected to younger versions of my family and strangers alike… And all of this is true.

But, the additional truth is that the kid I had a crush on in high school asked me if I wanted to go out to take pictures on their film cameras. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. After waiting for the film to be developed, I never wanted to put a camera down. 

Soon after falling in love with photography, I realized I also loved fashion and product photography. I worked (and still continue to work!) for serval amazing Pittsburgh-based fashion companies as a photographer, carefully arranging and creating narratives for little products like shoes, jewelry, and more. I loved being able to tell a tiny bit of a story with every photo, and though I'd loved in wedding photography before, it wasn't until then that I realized the way that I could help tell the tale of the entire wedding day in little scenes opposed to just capturing what was in front of me. Capturing the details of a wedding day is now my favorite part, second only to the couple's portraits!

Growing up, I attended a LOT of weddings. I come from a huge Polish family, my mom being the youngest of eight- so every year was filled with at least two, if not three, cousin's getting married! I always loved when she'd bring us a day early so that we could help set up the venue, do last-minute alterations to the gown, and generally help make the bride's day go more smoothly. I started to get really comfortable at weddings as almost a second home, and absolutely an event that I looked forward to. I love to bring this to all of my couples as well, bringing all the advice, skills, and *mild* opinions I've developed over the years!

PS: My crush from high-school and I are still together and now have two cats. You can spot them in one of the pictures above!

Love Notes

Lauren & Andrew

“"Anne was so wonderful to work with! We loved how she fully walked us through what the day could look like and things to look out for in our meetings before the day - she really left us feeling very secure in knowing that we would be getting the shots we wanted.  Anne and her lovely second shooter, Mariah, were so great with not only the smallest details and beautifully crafted artistic shots, but captured every moment so beautifully!  The images we got back were beyond what we could've imagined.”

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