Pinehall on Eisler Farms, located right outside of Pittsburgh in Butler, Pennsylvania, was the perfect wedding venue to host Brenna and Jordan’s rustic-chic wedding day...

It was a classic, Pennsylvania barn wedding—complete with acres of blooming fruit tree fields, homemade cookies from their families, corn-hole, and even a fishing pond that Jordan’s groomsmen visited the morning of. Even as a full-blown city girl (I refuse to live anywhere that doesn’t have a pizza shop open until 11:00pm or later), it’s hard to deny the charm and history of the estate. I always enjoy coming out to the farm and getting little tours of the new developments happening! Pinehall is a family-owned venue with a rich history of weddings and families growing up on the property, and the love they’ve put into it shows in every corner. 

There was so much to love about Brenna and Jordan's wedding that it's honestly hard to write just a few little paragraphs about it! They took many of the traditional elements of a barn wedding mixed with their own personal details, like Jordan's wood carving's along the aisle, to tell their love story and make it their own. Their sweet dog, a collie named Moose, walked down the aisle with his necktie announcing their date, and together they did a rope-braiding ceremony that could later be displayed in their home to remind them of their vows and wedding day.  Though they knew each other back in middle-school (where Brenna harbored just a liiiiittle crush on him!) it wasn't until college that a mutual friend pushed them together. Both of their vows started with the same memory, despite being written separately, about the feelings and excitement they felt before going on their first date as Brenna waited for Jordan to pick her up- they both knew that this was going to be something special. Both of them spoke from their hearts, but had a little surprise coming as well.  Due to Covid, Brenna’s brother was unable to fly to the States from Ireland- so instead, he sent a recording of his voice sending love and wishes to them. There wasn't a dry eye in attendance.

After hugs from family and friends, Jordan, Brenna, and I were escorted through the property by Sherry, one of the owners of the farm (via side-by-side, naturally!) Pinehall may have a barn, but it’s so much more than the classic red building. The property boasts acres of fruit trees, ponds, and fern covered fields! It’s almost like being transported to a winery on the coast. We strolled the property, capturing smiles, laughs, and beautiful moments in-between. 

Having photographed weddings professionally for quite some time now- sometimes it feels like we’ve seen it all. But this day had some surprises in store! We had two extra guests- the owner’s daughter’s sweet goat in the fields, and one slithery friend who wanted to have their time on the dance floor! 

Just when guests started emptying the dance floor and starting to think the evening was coming to a close there was an announcement to go into the outside field overlooking the pond. Fireworks exploded into the sky, filling every guest with childlike glee. It was the perfect ending to this rustic summer wedding!

Scroll below to enjoy images and re-live our summer day!

Pinehall is tucked down a long, beautiful pathway through some of their tree farm. It really feels secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city proper, while still being near amenities for out-of-town guests.

Pinehall's cottage has two sides- one for you, and one for your partner! Brenna and her bridesmaids utilized one side hair and makeup, while the other side of the building was a gathering place for Jordan and his groomsmen- their collie, Moose, was given free range between them. Having your getting-ready suite on site is one of the best ways to simply your wedding day- no travel arrangements, traffic concerns, packing and unpacking... it's always an advantage, if you have the choice!

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Their bouquets highlighted locally seasonal flowers, and matched the baby-blue, peach, and navy color scheme to the tea.

One of favorite things about Pinehall Farms is how many areas it have that look completely different from one another, and how they're tucked away from guests. I firmly believe that all couples should step away together during the day to just enjoy togetherness, and this gave us the perfect opportunity to do so! This dock was one of my favorite spots we visited- the orchard in the background reminded me of wine country!

The wedding decor featured watercolor elements with rustic vintage flare- vintage suitcases, eucalyptus garland, gold chargers, and country inspired outdoor wedding activities like a s'more fire-pit and corn hole to entertain guests during cocktail hour and through the evening. J&B's wedding took place during the surges Covid-19, so having outdoor activities allowed guests to properly social distance while still being able to celebrate. And of course- the Pittsburgh Cookie Table had it's own special place on the wrap-around porch!

I know I got half of you with "goat at wedding" and the other half with "snake at wedding" so here he is! He was a friendly little garden snake, and was taken far away from the barn/guest activities to enjoy the summer weather in peace.

PS: Believe it or not, a snake is NOT the most surprising wedding-crasher I've had at a wedding! That would be a bear. And another future post.

PSS: Snakes are oddly not THAT uncommon at weddings, a local wedding-planner had to actually move one from a walkway at a city venue! It has nothing to do with this venue being a barn ;)

A sparkler exit is nice, but a firework finale is incredible!


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