The Proven Process

made to make your wedding day easy, breezy, and all about you.

Coffee or Tea?

The very first step is filling out the contact form below. From there, we'll schedule time to either meet up for cafe treats or video call each other to see if we're a good fit! If we're a match, I'll help you choose the best package for your day and send you a contract locking down the legal bits.

Details, details, details

The fun starts after you lock in your date! We'll choose the perfect spot for your engagement session, and discuss all the nuances of your wedding that make it special. Nearer to the big day itself, I'll send you a questionnaire with all the nitty-gritty details so that I can create a timeline and shot list. If you're working with a planner, I'll be in contact with them and your other vendors so we can work as a seamless team!

Pop, Click!

Toasts to you, it's wedding day! You already put in all the planning, so now it's time for me to handle the details. I'll start with you in the morning and be there with you through getting ready, first-looks, vows, portraits, and dancing. You step outside and bask in the sunset as I guide you and your partner into perfect photographs.

Afterward, I send you an online gallery with all of the magical moments, curated into a timeline to let you relive your day, again and again.



Wedding Collections start at $4500, with average spend at $5500

All collections include an online gallery to share with friends and family, a print release, and a same-night sneak peek so you can share for instant gratification.

Options include one or more photographers,
6-10 hours of photographic coverage,
Album and Wall Art
And an Engagement Session

Custom Collections available.

Request Detailed guide

Connection is the heart of everything we create.


There's no magic without connection. I want to make sure you & I are a perfect match for each other- our fit should feel natural and familiar. The key to capturing stunning editorial, photo journalistic wedding images is ensuring that we connect so that I can capture your truest self. 

If you're interested in having your day captured in a timeless, meaningful way, I suggest reaching out as soon as you have your date set... or even as your choosing between dates! If I could take every wedding Friday through Sunday and work with every couple (and taste every cake) trust me, I would! But I'm not Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour.

ATP Collections start at $4500 for the essentials- All packages come with print rights, myself and timeline consultations to make the perfect schedule.

I love to hear extra little details about you and your fiance, your vision for the wedding, or any other things that are important to the two of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you LGBTQ-Friendly?

YES and YES AGAIN! I am always honored to work with my fellow peoples in the LGBTQ+ community, and recommend other vendors who I know are also inclusive AND incredible at what they do.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am a Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Photographer.

If you want me to photograph your story farther from the city, a travel fee may apply- varying on where your event takes place.

For destinations requiring flights or longer than three hours, I do ask for appropriate over-night accommodations.

No travel fee is required for up to 25 miles from zipcode 15205.

How do we book?

Reach out on the contact forum above to get started! Due to demand, I cannot accept every wedding I'm approached about, and want you to also have the best possible wedding-day experience. We'll get together and chat about your relationship, your wedding day, and my approach to weddings. If we're a great match for each other I'll send you a contract to fill out and the rest will be history!

A $1000 retainer holds your date, no matter which package you choose. Simple.

Can we add more time to our session on the day-of?

Yes, of course! I offer a-la-cart hours at on the wedding day things run late or have to start early.

Do you offer prints and albums?

Yes! I'm thrilled to offer albums, gallery wraps, and classic prints from your wedding day.

You may be wondering, what's the difference of ordering prints through me versus ordering yourself?

The answer is simple- I can assure that prints I order for you are going to professional labs who have color-matching software I can build into the photos. Pretty fancy, right? Basically, it insures that the photo will look as intended. This also let's me choose the cropping, a service that isn't always available when you print yourself. For albums, this also means that I'll build your layout and make a true story book for your big day!

For more information about my print offerings, please email me at or use the contact form here.

Albums start at $1250.

Tell me about Wall Art

You have a few options when it comes to printing your photos- you can order easily right through your gallery link and have everything shipped to your door, or for me to quality check before it arrives to you. The bonus of this option is that everything will be top-of-the-line, guaranteed by me, AND I'll take you for coffee when they come in.

This option is also great whenever your aunt wants an 8x10 of your family and you just don't want to deal with it. Just send her the link and she can order anything she wants!

All of my packages come with a print release, so yes, you can print on your own, anywhere you want.

Buuuut... I cannot control quality from third-party print houses. What this means is if you go to Walgreens are use a kiosk and they come out looking super-wonky and green, I unfortunately can't help. There are too many factors to be able to control or honestly, even trouble shoot. This goes for sites that offer 87% off on canvases,

I am thrilled to offer suggestions for print houses that I personally have used through the years that allow non-professionals to order. I love using for some of my personal prints, My goal is sincerely for you to have timeless pieces for your home and family collections, and it's far more important to me that you do print than that you print through me.

We LOVE all the detail shots, but we didn't plan on getting fancy hangers or anything...

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is buying needless pretty things everywhere I go. I bring a kit of my own ribbons, boxes, hangers, and surfaces to match your wedding vibe! Of course, I want to add things that are totally sentimental to you too so that we have a beautiful mix for flat-lays, whether you're getting ready in a dark, moody church, your family home or even a hotel.

How many pictures will we receive?

For a 8 hours coverage wedding, you will likely receive between 700-1200 images. The final number of images delivered depends on factors such as length of ceremony, friends and family formals, and of course, how many events you have at your reception.

Why don't all packages come with a second shooter?

The term "second shooter" has become a bit of a buzz-word, kind of how "raw files" did a few years ago- even though most non-photographers don't own software to even open those photos.

I've found that, especially for smaller weddings, I can do more in less time by having an assistant there to purely help me with cleaning up flat-lays, moving the dress for getting-ready shots, packing gear, and helping the bride through the day. These assistants always have a photographic background and are fully able to capture amazing moments, but benefit us more as an experienced set of hands!

Still feel a little nervous? I'm happy to send gallery links to you with weddings without a second shooter and with so that you can compare.

Do you double-book wedding days?

YIKES. Absolutely not! It terrifies me that I get asked this question, because I feel like someone-knew-someone who had a horrible photography experience at some point and that concerns me!

Your wedding is the biggest event of my week too- nothing else is going on that day, minus a quick trip to Starbucks.

This means if you have an emergency change of plans two days before and need to move the timeline around a little bit, I can accommodate. If during your reception the dance floor is POPPIN' and you want to add another hour of coverage? I got you.

What is your meal/break policy?

After 5 hours of working together, I do request that you include us in your meal count. You do NOT have to provide a seat for us with your guests (I do always appreciate a salad and bread!)

If your dinner is buffet, we'll sneak into the line once the first few tables have gone through. If your dinner is platted or family style, I do request you ask the venue to provide vendors meals sooner to the start of service. The reason for this is that often, if a meal is being served, you need to be at your seat which adds up to a LOT of wasted time. If we line our meals up closer to the couple's, it actually lets us create more!

A short list of things we can do:
Sneak away for a sunset photo!
Sneak away for a sparkler photo!
If there was no time in the morning, we can get shots of your gorgeous new wedding bands!
Grab a few of your favors and make a super cute flat-lay showcasing your hard work!
Backup our cards onto a SSD.
Grab shots of you greeting your guests- BEFORE there are empty plates in front of them!

All of these things beat waiting for food to come ;) .

When will we get our photos?

Every package comes with a number of images you'll receive the same night so you can be the first to share your day with friends and family!

Afterwards, you will receive an online gallery link with all your photos between 4-12 weeks (depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

What does "retouching" include?

All images get an edit for color, crop, and exposure, and your portraits get some extra love for skin. Having been a professional retoucher for a fashion company for several years, I can vouch that retouching gets a bad-rep! It’s an excellent tool to be used in moderation- basically anything that will be gone in two weeks. That zit that showed up three days before your wedding? He’s outta here! As for scars, birthmarks, etc, that’s a decision for you to make. I don’t believe in excessive body modification or morphing with the liquify tool. If this is something that you want to discuss, we can chat about options, but know that I will never change your body without your consent.

Basic retouching does not include more extreme cases of redness, blemishes, or body modifications. Any images chosen for albums can be additionally retouched, such as removing distracting objects like poles, cars, or similar on an image-by-image basis.

What gear do you use?

My gear bag is constantly changing, but here's what you need to know:

I ALWAYS bring two pro-level camera bodies, professional lenses, backups for those lenses, a whole pile of memory cards, rechargeable batteries, and all kinds of lighting equipment. I like to prepare for the worst- because it happens.

Aside from your wedding day, all files are backed up on a server for a minimum of one year. Computer crashes six months after your gallery closes? NBD. I've got you. This is why you hire a pro, we've got you covered

If you still want to know more, I have a blog post covering this topic! Head over to the blog and search "gear".

PS: I also always bring a sewing kit, crochet hook, and safety pins, because being prepared is for more than just gear. I've sewn-up the maid of honor's busted zipper, hooked all the tiny buttons running down your back, and restrung broken beading on the day of.

Do you have a question not mentioned here?

Reach out! I'd love to hear from you. Here's the thing: most people only get married once. That means most people aren't actually that experienced with this whole getting-married thing. With somewhere in the ballpark of 100+ weddings under my belt, I think I've seen about everything and am happy to shed light on anything you may be wondering!

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