Tucked away in my hometown of Portage, Pennsylvania lies a house, decorated with early spring flowers, subtle puns, and pastel shutters....

This is the Fox home, where Lindsay grew up, and where she would get ready for her wedding to Terrance. On the sunroom table, a half-finished puzzle waits completion. Her parent's wedding photo graces the light peach walls. Pastel sage and wisteria invitations, complete with a monogram of their initials, welcomes guests into their spring wedding day.

Lindsay and Terrance (Terry) met in a true small-town way. Her older brother went to school with Terry, and he was constantly around their house for social gatherings. The two didn’t date in high school, but during a camping trip with mutual friends, they stayed up all night talking and everything clicked!  Their wedding day was full of subtle details of the things they love as a couple- Star Wars, wizarding worlds, and a property where they spend summer celebrations. I loved the cufflinks she bought him, featuring the iconic quote from Star Wars “I love you”, “I know” (we were raised on Star Wars!)

I was lucky enough to be in a capella Lindsay back in highschool, where we shared solos in Toto's Africa and froze through football games in the marching band (she a trumpet, me a drummer!) We loved talking all things Marvel superheros (she a Steeve Rodgers stan- and me a Tony Stark fan girl), and nerdy fandoms like Star Wars and other fantasy series. And, if that wasn't small-town enough, our parents even vacationed on the same lake! When she and Terry, and avid photography hobbiest himself, approached me about their wedding I KNEW I had to pull out something fun and different for them! I'm so excited to share it at the very end of this post!

Design wise, the pair stuck to one of my favorite timeless spring color combinations- wisteria purple and sage. The bridesmaids wore floor length lavender dresses with gold hoop style sola flowers, which paired perfectly with Lindsay's sequined Allure bridal's gown! The subtle sparkle lit her smile all day. She wore silver and pearl jewelry to match her rings, which features a wine style metal working. She had customized rings created that featured one half of the same heart, and their wedding date stamped inside. The groomsmen wore light grey suits and lavender bowties, with the best men wearing deep purple pocket squares. This color story carried over to their reception, where water-color style signage marked our favorite tradition- the Pittsburgh Cookie Table.

This day gave us everything, in true western/central Pennsylvania fashion. We had rain. We had snow. We had sunshine! We truly experienced every season in this early spring wedding, but L&T and their wedding party trekked on like true champions! Scroll to read more about their Altoona wedding day!

I am such a sucker of flowers! Ranunculus are one of my favorite varieties, and when I stopped by Farmers Daughter Flowers I knew I needed two varrieties, and a little purple stock to marry them together.

The lighter, more open style is called Italian Butterfly Ranunculus and makes a beautiful, durable wedding flower.

While the other bridesmaids finished getting ready, Lindsay's mother and maid of honor helped her slip into her Allure Bridals lace and sequin gown. It was the perfect mix of stucture and detail as it was minamilist and flowing.

Coming from a small town, without a doubt, families know each other! Our parents actually have spent years and years boating on the same river. I LOVED the emotion in this first look- these country dads talk a big talk, but the moment they see their daughters they always get overflowing emotions! A father's first look has actually become one of my favorite moments over the years.

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Following her father's moment alone with his daughter, it was time to call in our ladies! We lead them in the room, holding hands with their eyes closed, to reveal the moment they'd been waiting so long for- it did not disappoint! There was laughter, hugs, and love all around.

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Terry's grandmother wore a necklace with his baby photograph prominently displayed- it was just the sweetest detail!! It felt extra beautiful knowing it was a print turned heirloom, just as the wedding photographs will be.

I loved the contrast of the white flower petals against the deep floor in black and white! Black and white photos emphasize texture and contrast- it was a perfect vibe for this overview shot of their ceremony!

After their traditional ceremony, L&T had a bubble exit to greet their guests outside of the church. Everyone cheered on the newly weds as they ran out and shared a dramatic kiss!

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Afterwards we went somewhere really special- LBK Ranch in Summerhill. Now, as your friend & resident vegetarian, I can't say that I know a think about deer ranches. But, what I do know, is that this property is STUNNING and so beautifully maintained! Lindsay's family often celebrates holidays and cookouts on the ranch, and the owners were so kind to let us do their wedding portraits on a property so meaningful to the couple. L&T's wedding was at the earliest point of spring, before all the trees had filled out and flowers had popped- but the rows and rows of evergreens on the ranch made for the most romantic scene.

Now at this point, we started to get some true Pittsburgh weather surprises. Right after capturing the wedding party it started to SNOW. And not a little bit! We had a light rain sprinkle earlier in the day, but now the snow was blowing in the chilly spring air. The bridal party was honestly so cold, but were absolute troopers!

With the romantic snow falling, we popped a bottle of champagne to cheers to their marriage!

I love how the snow and champagne framed the images, looking so similar, etherial and perfect together.

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After this, we walked down to the snowy river. Water has always been part of Lindsay's family growing up, frequenting Raystown Lake. It felt only natural to feature a dock and body of water in her wedding photos! 9/10 times, if there's water during a session, I'm going to end up in it. I'm proud to say that I managed to keep out of the river during this chilly day! The way the snow fell around L&T looked like shimmering dust, framing them beautifully against the deepness of the evergreens. When the rain started to fall harder, we created a few close-up intimate portraits- it gave me The Notebook vibes, even though it's still on my "too-watch" movie list! It was truly romantic and beautiful.

You may also be wondering- what do you do when it's snow/sleet/raining on your wedding day? I always present my couples with three options (when there's truly no rain-free option- and unfortunately the Carnegie Mellon Pillars were about two hours away.) 1. We can keep you dry, go inside, and get together on another date for more couple's portraits. 2. We can do five minutes of photography and get everything we can. 3. I will tough it out right beside you and we'll make MAGIC TOGETHER, even if we can't feel our fingers for the next twenty minutes after! I was so thrilled that they chose this option- it captured their wedding day as it was, which was perfect amongst the snow fall.

As the snow and rain fell harder, we rushed Lindsay and Terry to their bus to give them time to celebrate with their wedding party, as well as warm up from the snow. We arrived to the Altoona Grand Hotel, where we were greeted by friends and family enjoying cocktail hour beside a truly fabulous Pittsburgh cookie table! As we were still in questionable Covid times, the pair opted to slice a smaller cake and serve their guests cupcakes in the truly delightful flavors of chocolate with mocha buttercream, strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, and almond (my wedding day fave!) with a delightful raspberry filling. Their guest book was a carved wood "T" to hang in their new home. And, to add another nerdy and personal detail, Lindsay designed their guests tables around their favorite mystical and fantasy lands!

I thought it was so thoughtful that they had a special sign to thank all the family and friends who helped bake cookies- I'm always down to bake for a cookie table (my signature is double chocolate cookies with butterscotch chips), but can never track down the bakers of MY favorite cookies! It was like having a little black book of signature desert confectionaries.

The reception began with a bang! The bridal party entered the room to applause from guests, amping up the energy to dance, sing, and party! Three of their closest friends delivered speeches that had everyone laughing, crying, and reminiscing about everything they love about this couple. The party started the moment dinner ended, with guests even forming a conga line around the venue! It was a delight.

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And finally- I knew I had to whip up something magical and unique for Lindsay and Terry! I asked ahead of time what their wizard houses were (Ravenclaw, surprise to no-one) and created a smokey, magic effect in blue and bronze- complete with Lindsay's wand. It takes "I put a spell on you" to a new level, and was the perfect dramatic photo to end the night with!

Thank you Lindsay, Terry, the Trusik's, and Fox's for having us capture your wedding daY!

I am so excited to get to watch your family grow this summer, with the new baby AND puppy! You are going to be the best parents, and I can't wait to see the adventures you go on next!