If Pittsburgh had an Eiffel Tower equivalent, it would be The Cathedral of Learning…

...or, Cathy, as Pitt alum affectionately refer to her. A shining beacon of light to Oakland residents and Pitt students and alumni alike, the 42-foot skyscraper oversees the city as the tallest university building in the country.  It boasts a magnificent four-story Commons Room, the famed Nationality Rooms, and maybe best of all, has been home to budding romances on countless study dates and star-lit picnics on the lawn. When Kelchis and Chris began brainstorming for their summertime Pittsburgh engagement session, they knew right away that Cathy had to be involved.

Perhaps the most famous hallmark of the Cathedral are it's ornate, gothic red doors. It's always a favorite location for the University of Pittsburgh alumni weddings and Heniz Chapel Weddings!

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Shockingly to no-one, my favorite spot in the Oakland landmark is in the courtyard, where lime and ivory hydrangeas bloom all summer long.

I met Chris through his sister, Lauren, who’s wedding I had the honor of capturing at The Farm at Willowbrook (previously Rustic Acres). It’s always the biggest pleasure to work with my sweet couples, who are genuinely the best- but this pair was extra special! It felt like watching someone grow up and fall in love with their most perfect soulmate. Together they’re funny, genuine, and easy-going, wearing their hearts on their sleeves to all who are lucky enough to be in their company. You know how you meet people and automatically feel yourself smiling and relaxing?

That's Chris and Kelchis.

Though the pair lives in Ohio with their sweet pup, they're keeping it local for late summer wedding at Greystown Farms Wedding in Gibsonia!

Even when you move away, the call of Pittsburgh is always strong- especially as it was the perfect location to unite their friends and family.

After spinning and laughing our way through Oakland, we headed to one of my favorite spots, the Mellon Walled Garden. Mellon Walled Garden engagement session's are always some of my favorites! This location gives everything- strong architectural details in the iron gates, the fountain, and the wall itself- which makes an incredible neutral background for all types of photoshoots. Wedding day portraits, engagement sessions, and even branding photos look incredible here! And, I'm always a sucker for the cute pups that play in the grassy field.

After capturing the sentimental part of their relationship in Oakland, the beautiful parts in Mellon Park, it was time to travel into Lawrenceville- where they spent their date nights with friends!

We drove to the entrance to Allegheny Cemetery on Butler Street, one of Pittsburgh's favorite restaurant districts. Locals love coming here on quiet mornings to watch deer bring their fawn to walk and rest on the vast green spaces. It sounds dark to say "walking through the cemetery, but it's been a favorite spot for hiking and biking in!

*a note, we did not enter the cemetery proper for photographs. The location is stunning, but deserves full respect and appropriate use- please be respectful of the grounds if you choose to do sessions near here. <3

I mean, EXCUSEME, look at this very good angel boy!!

I'm usually a dog whisperer, but when I tell you Ringo was unsure about me, let me tell you- he was SUS. But as soon as his humans were by his side snuggling and loving on him, he turned into a big puddle!

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And finally- you know it would't be an Anne Troxel Photography engagement session without a gorgeous ring photo!! I brought these colorful roses and dahlia from my garden to pull in extra summer color!