It comes up time and time again in wedding photography groups, maybe more than questions about cameras...

other photographers want to know: What shoes are you wearing for long wedding days? Are you dressing formally as a wedding photographer, or are you sticking to leggings? Is a suit too much for a photographer? Are dresses appropriate if you're working? Every photographer is different, and in my opinion there are multiple right (and wrong) answers! The first question is to know what your brand is- are you constantly working in country club wedding venues, where the dress code is most often Black Tie? That's certainly going to be different than a photographer who loves adventure elopements where they may have to scale rocky terrain and mixed weather conditions. And somewhere in the middle may be summer barn venues and private estate weddings, where casual and cocktail blend into chic sundresses with more comfortable, grass-friendly shoe choices. Some photographers stick to an all black wardrobe, while others love to add pops of color like their personal brands.

For me, I love a blend of chic but subtle wedding-wear. I want to be comfortable before anything else, as I usually end up in bushes, water, and dense grass. As a Pittsburgh photographer, there's the added struggle of our consistent weather changes, even within the same day- so layers and multi-use pieces are huge wins for us! Because my couples are often fashion forward and in beautiful venues, I also want to match those vibes and be a touch formal, even though I don't believe that wedding photographers should always wear black (sorry 'togs from the early 2000s! I said it!) My favorite choices let me move freely, blend into the crowd without looking out of place, and have storage solutions. You may laugh, but I also want to be able to get in and out of it FAST- sometimes we work six hours before getting a five minute rest/bathroom/water break, and I don't want to be spending time fussing with details on myself. Other-times, I may driving three to and from a twelve-hour wedding, and just need to be comfortable for the journey.

My favorite pieces are often from brands that make great wardrobe staples, intermixed with pieces that bring a little funk and personality. Stores like Banana Republic, GAP, and Madewell are a great place to source basics. For my more luxe and fun pieces, I love to shop Anthropologie and luxury stores like Gucci or even Kate Spade. Check out below for some of my favorite looks!


My favorite thing about jumpsuits? They're all one piece. Forget about choosing top and a bottom, these pieces look effortlessly chic and can easily look like a dress if they're wide-legged. They can easily be dressed up with dainty gold jewelry or a statement earring, or dressed down with an open-toe shoe and a casual hair-bun (which let's face, we all end up sporting by the end of the reception!)

This Madewell Deep-V Ruffled Jumpsuit became an instant favorite! Wear just like this for a spring/summer wedding, and add a turtle neck or favorite base layer for outdoor fall weddings. Bonus: It has pockets for mints, batteries, and that buckeye you grabbed from the cookie table.

Basic black, this wide-leg piece from GAP is a versatility master. Add a blazer for extra formality, or a loose-knit cardigan to dress it down.

The Somerset Collection by Anthropologie is one of my favorites! I appreciate the extra shoulder coverage for hot summer days with intense sun, as well as church ceremonies that may prefer guests and vendors be more conservative in attire.


Dresses are one of my go-to choices for days that I don't have to drive around and haul tons of gear. You can easily throw on leggings for extra warmth (and pockets), and they really help you blend in. I'm a fan of light materials, and they're my go-to in the hottest summer months. The cons are that despite our demands, they're often not equipped with pockets, so I usually end up wearing a fanny pack for extra storage on-the-go.

This style from GAP is one of my favorites for Golf Club weddings. It's easy to move in, hard to accidentally flash someone in, and ultra comfortable. It's also one of my favorite styles if the forecast includes rain- it dries quickly and doesn't hold a lot of moisture.

So nice, it makes the list twice! The Somerset dress by Anthropologie comes in about any length, pattern, or solid you can think of. This dress would be perfect for a private estate wedding where you may not be moving to many other locations and don't have to carry tons of gear. The linen version is perfect for spring and summer weddings!

This dress by saturday/sunday is my favorite- though I have it in black, and can't say I'd wear orange to a wedding in normal circumstances. I love the side adjustments for length, it's cozy but not too stuffy, and fits any dresscode.


I love being over-cautious when it comes to wardrobe on a wedding day. If it's calling for rain (or super high heat) I love to have extra pieces I can easily switch into without fuss. Tops aren't an area I necessarily have fun injecting into- though these three pieces are interesting, I keep them pretty monotone for versatility. My main questions when tops shopping is 1. can I tuck it in, 2. can I make it more casual for engagement sessions or rehearsals, and 3. do I have to steam it if I'm traveling? If it's uncomfortable or fussy to travel with, it's just not going to work.

Use fun sleeves to give a bit of personal style to these basic black looks! This top from Anthropologie would be great styled with linen pants or a dress pant for weddings, or jeans for an engagement shoot.

This has been in my staples for three years! I pair it with a blazer and wear it in the cooler months. It's comfortable like a teeshirt, but the (oddly subtle) sequins dress it up.

This one takes me all the way back to my ModCloth days! This sleevless top adds a little fun with it's print, but keeps you cool in the summer months. I love it tucket into high-waisted pants.


If I think it's going to be a packed timeline with lots of moving parts I'll often opt for pants. I look for styles that are durable- I often end up kneeling on grass or pavement, climbing over fences, running, etc. If it's not a pair I can do the photographer squat in, it's not going to work. Don't be afraid to really test out how flexible you can be before committing to them! These are my three favorite styles:

We all love a wide linen pant! Comfort, style, versatility. I love these for engagement sessions, too! These ones from Madewell are perfect for fall and can be dressed up with accessories and blazers.

Crime Junkie sold me - Betabrand dress pant yoga pants. You guessed it. They look just like dress pants, but let you move like yoga pants! I wish they were higher waisted, and pockets aren't guaranteed in all styles- but they're my favorite when I know I'll be folded in half adjusting lots of flatlay details. I always go classic black, but they have fun colors and prints if that's your jam!

Ticks are a big risk in Pennsylvania nature! If I know that I'll be in tall grass, dense forest, or other deeply inversive experiences I'll go with these black jeans (jeggings?) from American Eagle. They're super high waist, and the fitted leg adds element protection. Plus- they come in curvy.


In a post-covid world with new records of weddings happening every year the new peak wedding season has run from May-October. In my city, that translates to all four seasons. It's not uncommon for us to have light snow in May and an 80 degree day in October- or an 80 degree day in May and heavy snows in October! Layers are our friends. And honestly? I just love a good blazer.

If it isn't obvious, I love fall tones. This Scotch & Soda blazer was my favorite piece of 2022. Paired with all black, the floral pattern is toned down as a gentle but polished accent. It's a more expensive piece, but it's survived being shoved in camera bags, the back of my car, and being literally thrown aside in busy moments. Invest in quality for the staples!

You can never go wrong with a black blazer! I prefer longer, open styles as they tend to be made of more stretch fabrics, which is obviously more idea when you're constantly moving, carrying wedding gowns, directing groups, and the like. This Ellen Fisher blazer has great deep pockets- always a bonus!

This BCBG blazer is also a cape- need I say more? The cape style lends itself to free arm movements while the piece is streamlined and chic. It's a perfect mid-season pick.


I know, I know. It's a little extra to include my go-to accessories, especially as they're often so personal. But I've been doing this for a bit, and these are my "gotta have them" wedding accessories. They're an area where form meets function, and they can really change up an outfit.

I love these ultra-light and thin earrings from Catbird. I bought them for myself as a treat when I photographed my first New York City wedding at the Prospect Park Boathouse. They attach via a seam that you align opposed to a push back, so I'm never worried about losing one, and I can leave them in when I sleep. The less I need to think about in the morning and evening, the better.

Stick with me- I know it's an investment, but I'm obsessed with my Gucci belt. And you may be thinking it's a little extra, but so am I. More so, it dresses up some more casual looks, and it gives people something to remember. I was photographing an NYE wedding when a woman walked up to me an introduced herself as the seller's agent on the house we had purchased a month prior- she remembered me because I'd worn it at the closing.

Is a fanny pack ever really chic and timeless? Maybe not, but this Everlane one is close. Bum bags/fanny packs made their way into my 2022 kit and they're here to stay. It carries my personal goods and gear that easily gets lost in my camera bag- phone, car key, crochet hook, and parking stubs. I NEVER leave memory cards unattended after a wedding or session- if I have to run into a coffee shop/gas station/emergency Target run after the wedding they go with me in this unassuming bag.


When I was in art school, still studying photography, I attended a family friend's wedding and for the first time REALLY paid attention to the photographers. I'll forever remember the red, over-the-knee, loud boots the photographer wore. It was a church wedding, and I could hear everywhere they walked- I loved the style for her, but I can't imagine they were at all comfortable! Honestly, shoes aren't my strong point fashion-wise. Wedding days are LONG and physically demanding, so I put comfort and mobility above style in this area. When it comes to them, I sometimes go with a more-is-more mentality and bring them ALL to my wedding days (in my car!), as a precautionary preparation for unexpected weather changes.

These black leather Keds have been my go-to wedding photographer shoe since 2020! The rubble sole and leather make them decently water repellent, and they have some styles that add an inch or to two to your height, which I always appreciate! They're durable, subtle enough, and made for comfortable walking.

I ALWAYS keep a pair of rubber boots/duck boots in my car! Would I wear these to a wedding as my only shoe? No. But when I'm working outside and it's raining, snowing, or sleeting, these are a savior to my toes! I always want to keep my couples comfortable by having them stay on paths, pavement, or cleaner, drier areas when PA weather happens- which often means putting myself in puddles, snow piles, or mud. There's no situation these can't handle.

Sometimes, the Keds just don't cut it for summer weddings. A basic, light is a great, general shoe to have. They're not always the most supportive, but they're an essential. A lot of photographers love Clarks, but I personally prefer a lighter shoe like Rothy's.

Naturally, there are also styles that are just NOT for me and my brand, and trust me when I say that I've seen EVERYTHING . I've tried a lot of styles over the years and have also found that somethings just don't work for me, even if I really want them to (looking at you, slightly cropped tops, anything velvet, and sweaters!)

I sometimes have strong feelings, but I feel pretty intensely negative about If someone shows up in anything from the list under this. Honestly I often immediately add them to my will-not-recommend or book list, because weddings are just not the time or place.

  • Basketball shorts, or jean shorts. Actually, any shorts.
  • Sportsball teams.
  • Red, orange, blue teeshirts. I can let black go. But fire red? That's a no-go from me.
  • Torn jeans or torn clothes. Your brand may be relaxed and chill, but this is a day that you clients and their families are invested in, and they deserve that respect from you.
  • Big logos or branding on clothes. Picture 2000s American Eagle shirts. It happens. It's a no from me. Our eyes catch text and logos, and they're designed to catch and hold our eyes (that's why you should never wear a top with text in photos!)
  • Distractingly loud clothing. If your footsteps are louder than the officiant or maid-of-honor's speech, that's a problem. I don't believe that photographers should be "seen not heard" or anything too old school strict, but it's a red flag to me if a vendor is actively drawing attention from the guests.