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Devon and Cameron's Colorful European Garden-Party Styled Editorial Wedding

It's a hot, partially cloudy day in Montgomery. Bees are busy collecting pollen for sweet nectar in Iron Manor's lush rose garden as vendor teams make their way throughout the large property, designing perfect vignettes for telling love stories.

Devon and Cameron's first date was to see the Minions movie, and Cameron has kept Devon laughing ever since. They have naturally radiant smiles and the two of them embody all the Texas things. Devon adores all animals, especially barn friends like cows and chickens.  She gently pushes Cameron to step out of his comfort zone- after all, the best experiences are often new experiences!

The hidden area tucked behind the estate of Iron Manor has large brick pillars, almost as if we were transported to a European chateau. Blush Floral Co brought spring and summer sunshine into the space with saturated colorful hues of our classic wedding favorite flowers. The traditional bright peonies and country roses, but throughout are less commonly utilized blooms like daffodils and daisies, achieving a look that is both structured and loose- luxury treats and daily joys combined together for a perfect marriage. Their invitations and place cards carried the same wildflower theme, and Devon's long, flowing hair and bare-feet during portraits brought us back to her country gal roots. Instead of looking at each other's backs, the aisle was set for guests to surround the couple more and be more connected with each other. 

Like a true free spirit, Devon kicked off her hot pink She is Cheval bejeweled shoes to feel the ground under her feet. Custom vow books pulled the bright pink accents from the morning into the evening party.

The reception had perfect roller-ball essential oils with floral infusions, and a champagne tour prepared beside the cocktail hour built around vintage furniture. I imagined guests sipping on a French 75 with a little violet floating along lazily! The sun started to kiss the tree line from behind the clouds, giving us the most magical back light for their dinner. I imagined to be locally sourced - both in regard to their ingredients, and more importantly, their intimate guest list.