Megan and Jose's Phipps conservatory AND BOTANICAL GARDENS WEDDING | October 2018

Handmade details

It was important to Megan and Jose to have things that are handcrafted at their wedding. Her dress was from the amazing My Wood Nymph Bridal, and both their engagement rings and wedding bands were custom made as well.

Megan's wedding Had two first looks.

One traditional with her soon-to-be husband, Jose, and one super sentimental one with her father.

Weddings and wedding-day preparations are typically something that is shared between moms and daughters, so something like a first look with your dad is a great way to involve him in a process he may have otherwise been excluded from!

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My favorite moment of this wedding

was whenever the ceremony concluded and the bride and groom recessed down the aisle, and immediately gave each other the most emotional "We did it!" hug. They cried. Their bridal party cried. I cried. Random Phipps guests cried. We all cried, the moment was so intensely sweet!

Lush greensand blush pinks

Phipps Conservatory is one of my all-time favorite Pittsburgh venues, mostly because I love how lush and green it is, without feeling TOO tropical or TOO tea party- it's really the perfect mix of everything. Blush pinks, glowing ivories, and soft lilacs always stun amongst the foliage!