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Of course though, I never can narrow my favorite wedding days to just three, to a list, or to a singular couple. I'm just saying if!

The colors, the loving touches, the laughter, the words of affirmations and sweetness- it all came together in the most magical spring wedding day.

IF I played favorites, Alex and Caitlin's wedding at the Treesdale Country Club would be in the top tier.

When it comes to wedding planning, an initial question tends to be "what colors are you thinking about as a scheme, theme, or overall vision. " While Alex and Caitlin's wedding colors may have been peacock teal and purples, in reality, their colors were more of a feeling. This was not a monotone, one layer wedding. I'd almost have to say that the day was a feeling, not a color scheme- I would make a case for the sunset and the gentle breeze in the air being just as much a color as the wedding party's dresses or the flowers themselves.

The overall feeling of the day felt like wildflowers and spring rebirth into something more beautiful than the sum of all of its parts.

Amongst every guests it was SO apparent how loved both of these brides were. Each family member and bridal party member had the sweetest and loving words for them, the best memories of adventures, and accolades to their caring hearts and tenderness. One of the things repeated again and again was how much Caitlin loves to care for others, which could not be more true.  It meant the world to be able to pour the love they share with others back into this couple on their spring wedding day!

I loved A & C's invitations! The colorful wildflower wedding design was the perfect match to the spring day, and the tiny initials at the bottom made the sweetest monogram. The butterfly on top was the perfect punch of uniqueness.

A & C Went Dress shopping separately and waited until their first look on their wedding day to see each other. We all marveled at how complimentary they were to one another- both the dresses, and the women. Truly a perfect match! Each dress and style choices catered to their own personalities, while coming together perfectly.

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Alex and Caitlin opted to do three first looks- one together, one with Alex's father, and one with Caitlin's. The set up at Treesdale Golf Club allowed for privacy and gave the mothers and wedding party a place to watch from a small distance! The best of both worlds. I loved Jim Ludwig's Blumengarten take on their color pallet in the bouquets! It was the perfect call back to their invitations.

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I mentioned above how kind of a heart Caitlin has- I loved that even on "her day" she was fixing little details on her father. There were no dry eyes!

A&C Wanted a detail I hadn't been asked before- they requested that their officiant NOT step aside for the first kiss. Often times, the officiant steps out to the side to be removed from this moment- but it was important to them to have her included in the moment. They chose her because they loved her, and didn't want to erase that. I thought it was so special! Both Alex's mom and Caitlin's mom read during the ceremony.

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Treedale staff kindly drove us throughout the property- stopping at this beautiful bridge. It involved a short run and a little hop, but I loved the wide angle shot of A&C from across the water! Anytime we can include water in a shot, I'm in.

The reception, set up by Fireside Events, carried the spring time vibes with a blue highlight, terrariums, vines, and silks. I loved the waved cake- it was simple and perfect, just like their gowns. As we took portraits around the property, guests enjoyed cocktail hour charcuterie and small bites, all hand chosen especially for this day. Their guest book was a framed record of their first dance song.

My favorite moment from the entire day (minus sunset portraits, of course) was A&C's first dance- they chose "Stay in My Corner" by The Arcs (the PERFECT first dance song!). During their dance, Caitlin held Alex's hand over her heart- it was the sweetest, most tender first dance I've witnessed, to this day. This song has made it into my romantic song playlists, too! It brings me right back.

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After their dances, speeches, and dinner it was my favorite June wedding activity- sunset portraits. The June sun over Treesdale, blacklighting A&C gave the most ethereal glow. If you love styles like mine, the light and airy, bright, soft images, a sunset session is a MUST. Even on a cloudy day, this time is the most magical. Not only are the photographs light and beautiful, but, it also gives you a second to step away from the party, the people, and the eyes- to have a quiet moment together, to bask in that newly wed feeling.

When Alex's maid-of-honor came out with tequila, we knew it was time to head back to the party!! We love an attentive squad.

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They slid on their custom wedding converses and got right on the dance floor with all their friends and family who came out to their evening. Fireside Entertainment kept the party going, with all guests surrounding the brides on the dance floor.

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